Dis-ease… what’s that?

When there is a vertebral subluxation which alters the e-mail coursing through your nerve system and creates junk-mail and spam, dis-ease happens.

Dis-ease is the term used to described the in-coordination and malfunction of the cells of the body due to lack of proper communication from the brain cells and the rest of the cells of the body.

At the stage of dis-ease, the body’s cells malfunction and break down.  They cannot reproduce themselves in a healthy way any longer.

Signs, symptoms and even pain will eventually appear.  The person’s symptoms are then grouped in categories and a disease (which is essentially a group of symptoms) is now labeled.

Question:  “What to do now?

What’s your answer?

Amazing isn’t it?

One thought on “Dis-ease… what’s that?

  1. Dr. Lessard, it IS amazing! I appreciate these important reminders… and I hadn’t thought of the term “dis-ease” in that manner before. Quite poignant. Wishing I could get an adjustment from you today!!

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