More on natural functions.

The objective straight chiropractor understands the principles of natural body functions and is concerned in locating, analyzing and correcting interferences to these natural body functions.  These interferences are called:  vertebral subluxations.

Chiropractic has built a philosophy, science and art around the correction of vertebral subluxations.   It is based on a definite set of principles (more than 30) to follow in order to achieve the understanding of the ultimate importance and priority of correcting vertebral subluxations.

Objective straight chiropractors concern themselves thoroughly and exclusively with the application of those principles.

By consistently and persistently checking the spines of people for the presence of vertebral subluxations and correcting them, the objective straight chiropractor helps people to express their innate potential.  This allows the people’s natural body functions to be normalized at the greatest and highest level of proficiency available today.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to learn to live in freedom and knowledge rather than in bondage and ignorance of what is truly good for us?

Amazing isn’t it?

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