Is this the turning point?

Health makes up approximately 15% of the human experience and it is our individual responsibility.  If we desire to achieve our full potential, then we must do what is necessary and be willing to pay the price.

First, we must know what true health is.  Health is defined as a condition of  being whole in which all the organs and glands of the body are functioning 100% at all times.

This means that  in order to be healthy we must have all of our organs and glands, and they must function properly all the time.

We now see that health and function are inter-related and dependent on one another.  Next, we need to know what controls the functions in the body and where it comes from.

Gray’s anatomy, a textbook, recognized  world-wide within the scientific community states that the purpose of the brain and the nerve system is to control and coordinate the functions of the other tissues, organs and glands of the body and to relate the body to its environment both internal and external.

Amazing isn’t it?

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