Can you build ONE human body cell?

Humankind has been studying the human body dead and alive, sick and well, in an organized manner for about 5000 years.  We have systematized, computerized, and stored all this mass of dead and alive information in countless date processing micro chips, dividing it into multiple subjects.

We have spewed all of this information through colleges, universities, libraries and the internet into millions of brains through thousands of years.

We have deduced theories, tried them, discarded them and tried again.  We have experimented and practiced our “education” on people for all kinds of reasons anywhere and everywhere in all kinds of cases.

If if were possible to condense all this information into an essence and inject it into the brain of ONE person, in ONE laboratory, there wouldn’t be ONE university graduate who could manufacture, make, or synthesize ONE tissue cell, organized its elements, compound its ingredients, and cause it to live, to adapt and to reproduce itself.

Amazing isn’t it?

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