Alike or different (2)

All members of the human species share the SAME fundamental anatomic structures, physiologic needs, and mental attributes,  and the similarities go much further.

Whatever the pigmentation of the skin and the thickness of the lips, a smile is a smile everywhere.  The facial expression and behavioral patterns expressing love, anger, surprise, and fear are common to all races.

Civilizations differ from period to period and from place to place, but they are all based on the same biological drives and fixed action patterns.

Poems of love or sorrow and monuments celebrating worship or triumph are universally meaningful. A Chinese lullaby or one from a Western country will be just as soothing to either an Occidental or an Oriental child.  Cosmetics for heightening the lines of the eyes have been found in Neolithic remains and have been used in one form or another by all people at all times, as have masks, kingly robes, and decorative arts.

Amazing isn’t it?

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