Alike or different (4)

Most scientific studies of the of the human development deal with human beings as if they were the passive product of genetic and environmental forces… biological robots.

However, there is something within human beings which concerns itself with regulation and control of adaptation. This latter approach is justified by the fact that each child is born with a particular body and a particular nerve system, that each mother has her own style of motherhood which is the result of her own life in a given society at a given moment of history, and that surrounding affect all phases of development.

It is quite clear then, that what must happen to keep the body alive (the minimum supply necessary) and what must not happen, lest one die or be severely stunted (the maximum frustration and interference possible) is an increasing leeway in regard to what may happen

Obviously, a maximum nerve supply and minimum interference will help us express our FULL innate potential  which will influence our human experience and our happenings.

To this cause, the objective chiropractor is committed!

Amazing isn’t it?

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