How can we protect ourselves against diseases? (4)

In real life, even in our worst circumstances we have always been a relatively minor interest of the vast world of germs, bacteria, viruses and microbes.  Diseases are not the rule.  Indeed, it occurs so infrequently and involves such a relatively small number of species (considering the huge population of bacteria on the earth) that it has a freakish aspect.  Diseases result from inconclusive negotiations with the body having a cause.

The same innate intelligence that is within you is also within every single living organism on this planet.  Therefore, since the brain and the nerve system coordinate the negotiations within the human organism, it certainly is common sense the have it function normally with no interference.

The objective chiropractor is dedicated to maintaining the integrity of the human nerve system by locating, analyzing and correcting vertebral subluxations which are a major cause of interference to the nerve system, thereby affecting the negotiations of the human body with its environment.

When the body is functioning normally, it expresses its full innate potential and negotiates accordingly.

Amazing isn’t it?

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