Is there a bug going around? (2)

Fatigue, stress, overworking, lack of sleep, anxiety and poor diet are all life factors that contribute to vertebral subluxation which in turn causes a change in normal nerve supply to the body.  This condition upsets the delicate ecology of the throat, leaving it dry, less acidic and a bit cooler.  These changes allow virus particles to penetrate the mucus layers, invade throat cells and reproduce.

Curing a cold therefore, does not involve  “eradicating cold germs”, but rather restoring healthy tissue equilibrium that inhibit viral reproduction.  Strange as it may seem, that is precisely what cold symptoms do.

Sore throat, runny nose, stuffy head and fever are the manifestation of the body’s efforts to re-establish a healthy balance in the throat.  The appearance of cold symptoms means that the body has deployed it healing forces.

Amazing isn’t it?

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