What is this something? (2)

In life terms, we should do all we can to cooperate with our silent partner in body processes.  If this innate intelligence of the body is capable of healing broken bones, bruises and scrapes, then it should be capable of restoring other functions of the body.  And it is!!!  All the innate intelligence of the body needs is proper access to the troubled parts of the body for healing to occur.

Chiropractic is based on facilitating this process of that “something” within…  our innate intelligence.  When the body is obstructed or hindered by interference to its nerve system, then negotiation on the part of the innate intelligence with its internal and external environments is impaired.

Chiropractic care is designed to locate, analyze and correct the interference to the nerve system called vertebral subluxation and allow the power of our innate intelligence within the body to be released for maximum restoration and to recover its normal balance.

The power to enjoy normal function… normally and simply… is accomplished by releasing the power of that “something” that commands ALL healing.

Amazing isn’t it?

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