Do we have cycles?

Did you ever notice that everything in life seem to go in cycles?  To get down to basics, there’s our life cycle:  from infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age.  Well, researchers have found that most aspects of our lives do occur in cycles.  That same is true for the working of our bodies.

There are numerous cycles constantly repeating over and over an infinite number of times, and, there is one cycle in particular that chiropractic deals with.  This is called:  “THE SIMPLE CYCLE”.

The simple cycle is a continuous cycle which actually begins and ends at the same point; and then again, it doesn’t really en, does it?

The brain is the creator of a mental image which is the transformed to energy and, by means of efferent nerves, the impulse comes out from the center and is transmitted to the periphery, or tissue cells.  Once again, transmission will occur in the opposite direction from tissue cell to brain cell, and as you know this occur via afferent nerves.

This is so important because it is the reason that our bodies are alive.  It’s the reason that our body has the ability to grow and heal itself.

Chiropractic deals specifically with this philosophy.  Don’t be fooled and think that a chiropractor heals you.  Only body has the ability to heal itself because it has an innate intelligence.  When an adjustment is given, the body is restored to its maximum ability to send chemoelectrical impulses to all of the organs, and then back to the brain.  The cycle is meant to be continuous.  Any interference in that cycle will affect the ability of the body to function properly.

Amazing isn’t it?

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