Really, how much are you worth?

Some time back, an article was published which calculated the value of ALL the chemicals in the human body.  At the going price, the final figure was somewhere around $0.98!!!  What they were saying is that the human body is really a combination of water (hydrogen and oxygen), carbon and such minerals as iron, potassium, sodium and numerous other elements.

If the body were broken down into its simplest components, the market value would be less than a dollar.  In one sense that tends to be quite humbling.  However, as you think more about it, there are some pretty fantastic thought to be gained.

It goes without saying that we place more value than a dollar on human life.  Tell the parents that they are looking into the face of a newborn that their little baby, because of its size is not even worth $0.98.  The being part of a human being makes the value so high that it cannot be measured in dollars and cents.

Amazing isn’t it?

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