River of life?

Within the human body flows a river unlike any other earthly river —- a crimson stream that courses through every organ, twists past every cell on a journey that stretches 60,000 miles, enough to circle the planet 2 1/2 times.  Earthly rivers refresh the land with water; the body’s stream nourishes and cleanses, delivering food and oxygen to every cell, removing wastes, regulating the human environment.

Earth’s rivers flow through inorganic rock and sand; the body’s river travels through living tissue.  The powerful heart that propels this stream and the vessels that guide it are all alive.  The human river can regulate its own velocity, its banks widening and narrowing to control the shifting tides.  And it can change its own course, instantly channeling its swift currents to meet new demands:  Swimming or sleeping, contemplating, celebrating, running a race or rocking and infant,  each alters the flow of this powerful river.

You guessed it?  Yes, it is your circulatory system!

Amazing isn’t it?

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