Furnace in YOUR body? (2)

Your innate intelligence is the “Wisdom of the Body” which controls ALL of the functions of your body, using the central nerve system as the tool of communication.

As a matter of fact, on constant duty in your brain stem are chemical sensors called carotid bodies that continually “taste” the blood flowing from the heart to tissues, savoring it for the acidic flavor of carbon dioxide and sending the information to your brain to be interpreted.  Rising level of carbon dioxide signal your brain to increase the rate at which your lungs expel it.

Other monitors, situated mainly in your aorta and your carotid artery, the major vessel leading to your brain, regulate blood pressure. These stretched receptors activate when a surge of blood, signaling a faster heartbeat, stretches the arteries.  The sensors immediately alert your brain, which order the heart rate to slow down. (That’s what blood pressure medications attempts to do… while all along your innate intelligence does it perfectly for you without medications as long as it can communicate the information to your body without interference.  And the only objective of chiropractic care is to clear your nerve system of interference).

Amazing isn’t it?

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