Do YOU know your immune system?

Did you know your body has its own “army” ready to defend you  against harmful agents such as selective groups of bacteria, virus and germs?  This “army”  is your immune system, also called your body resistance.

It began to work when you were still within the womb of  your mother.  The innate intelligence of the body was using the placenta of you mother to manufacture antibodies and interferons that are released within your blood stream to provide you with your first “battalion” to help you fight off potential invaders.  Then as you were born and were fed your other’s breast milk (we hope), you received via this human milk your second “battalion” of antibodies.

Then 3 to 4 weeks later, the innate intelligence of the body began to manufacture its very own “troops” of antibodies and interferons through a small gland called the thymus.  Your innate intelligence also manufacrures what is called gammaglobulin and immunoglobin (two principal defense agents).

Of course your spleen with some other organs and glands are also used by your innate intelligence to produce natural immunity providing you with the most sophisticated warfare weapons against any harmful invaders of your body.

Amazing isn’t it?

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