How much do we know?

Many of you right now must be wondering how amazing your body truly is.  You have much reason to wonder, because the information that is presented to you in this blog is only a very small fraction of the total of function of the human body.

What’s so is that we know very little about anything.  It is easy to name that which we know (how to read English for example) and some of that which we know we don’t know (Most of us know that we don’t know how to read Innuit Esquimau language). However, we cannot name that which we don’t know we don’t know.  It is impossible!

According to Professor Antoine Lavoisier former director of the Academie Francaise de Science, scientists estimate that we know about 1/1000th if 1 % of the human body.  Therefore, much is involved and yet, we as human beings manage to live rather well.  It is due to the innate intelligence of the body in each of us that we can go through life with relative ease.

Now, tell me how anyone can “fix” anything that they know less than 1% of?  It is estimated that the human body is made up of 25 to 40 quadrillion cell!!!!  Each one of these cell has a specific purpose and function in order to maintain the body in balance. Thanks to the innate intelligence of the body we do not have to worry.


2 thoughts on “How much do we know?

  1. Hi Dr. Claude, it’s Jodie Kennedy again. Hope you’re having a wonderful week!
    I just got word that my 9 year old neice has a condition called Chiara one Malformation. I read up a little, seems to be congenital. Have you ever had a patient with this? I think she is facing surgery.

    • Hi Jodie, thank you for your question.
      Once, many years ago I had a patient with Chiara. I believe she moved to the West Coast. A good nerve supply is paramount for your niece’s body to function better. I would recommend regular chiropractic care.

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