What about the assistance of fever? (2)

As long as a fever remains mild (up to 106*F) and does not persist more than 10 days, the raised temperature appears to increase the efficiency of the body’s infection-fighting agent.  The antiviral substance interferon operates more effectively.  Phagocytes attack their prey with more speed and vigor.  Fever may even increase production of T-cells which you know now are responsible for the immune response within the body.

As the lymphocytes, phagocytes, and antibodies begin to overcome the virus, the innate intelligence of the body uses suppressor T-cells to signal the defenders to bring their efforts to a halt.  My head clears, my runny nose dries up, I can swallow easily again.  All of without medications.

That’s why I wrote 2 blogs 2 days in a row.  YAY!!!

Amazing isn’t it?

2 thoughts on “What about the assistance of fever? (2)

  1. Dr. Lessard, you have told us many times that having a cold reduces the risk of cancer. Could it be that the fever you sometimes get with a cold is actually killing cancer cells by raising the temperature of the body? Some of those cell types that help eliminate the cold virus also eliminate cancer cells. Isn’t the body amazing?

    • Absolutely Rod. When the threshold of cancer cells in the body has been crossed, the adenoviruses causing colds in humans attack the cancers cells, ingest them and die in the process. When I cough or sneeze, not only do I get rid of viruses, I get rid of viruses that have ingested cancer cells, thus ridding the body of cancer. Fever plays a major roll in preventing cancer cells from becoming active in the future.

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