Is there war? (2)

Once imprisoned within the white blood cell, the bacterium may writhe and twist and disgorge its poisons in a last-ditch effort to escape its captor.  But now the neutrophil dispatches its own weapons, small bags, each filled with a load of digestive juices and microbe-killing agents, which release their contents on the bacterium.  The powerful juices quickly digest the prey.

Each neutrophil may engulf and destroy up to 25 bacteria, but its effort take a heavy toll.  At the end of its bout, the neutrophil dies from the accumulation of its own digestive juices and the poisons released by the bacteria. The neutrophils  basically perform “Kamikasi“.  They give their lives for the well being of the body.

Neutrophils last for only a short time, and the innate intelligence of the body sends in a steady stream of reinforcement.  More neutrophils arrive to join the struggle.


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