Are they body guards? (2)

The innate intelligence of the body uses a set of first-line defenses that keeps most foreign material outside the body, away from its inner tissues.  These defenses include the body’s tough outer covering of skin and membranes…. it’s protective reflexes, such as coughing and sneezing... and a variety of fluids that wash over its surface.

As long as the skin remains uninjured, it holds the body’s insides in and keeps the rest of the world safely out.  This remarkable organ also has the ability to regenerate.  Despite daily scratching, ripping, tanning, burning and exposure to irritation soaps and drying heat, skin retains its integrity.  The innate intelligence of the body, through many organs and glands, constantly re-lubricates and replenishes its outer surface, the epidermis, and heals ruptures in its deeper layer, the dermis.


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