Trappers or garbage collectors?

Welcome to the 45 new subscribers to my blog.  For those of you who came to the office last week, you SAW first hand how I am a TRANSFORMER and that your are not a chicken.  You are…

It is a immense privilege to participate in the transformation of your life by moving toward a full innate expression of who YOU truly are.

Within your body are membranes that line its internal surfaces, including the respiratory and digestive tracts, and they are as much a part of the body’s protective covering as the skin is, even though we rarely think of them as such.  These membranes encounter microbes and other foreign material in quantity, and therefore, must be armed with a set of defenses equal to the skin’s.

In the respiratory tract, (the air passages that lead to the lungs, such as the nose, trachea, and bronchial tubes) a collection of highly efficient mechanisms work around-the-clock to ensure that only moist temperate air, almost free of debris, reaches the lung’s air sacs.

Amazing isn’t it?


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