Can we talk about a virus? (2)

Thank you for all those of you who attended our quarterly guest event at Michael’s last night.  It was really good to share together the AMAZING objective of chiropractic.  Thank you to Tara for videotaping the event.  Look for it on our office facebook page soon.

Now continuing our talk about a virus…  when the nervous system is interfered with by a vertebral subluxation as many as a thousand new virions may come bursting out of the now dead and wasted cell, ready to attack healthy cells.  One more reason to be under regular chiropractic care helping the body to respond immediately to the destruction of that first infected cell .

Before the body’s beleaguered cells succumb to their viral attackers, they release a substance called interferon which is known to fight cancer.  This powerful chemical is used by the innate intelligence of the body to also alert nearby cells to the presence of the viruses.  These neighboring cells they produce a protein that prevent the viruses from multiplying within them, thus limiting the spread of the infection.

Amazing isn’t it?


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