What’s the opposite of sick?

People will answer health.  Yet it’s not the correct answer.

This past weekend I attended the Garden State Chiropractic Society convention in Mount Laurel New Jersey.  The first presenter was Dr. Robert Berkowitz who made a clear distinction for the opposite of sick.  Sick means symptoms, pain, diseases, conditions, ailments, etc…

Health is when all the parts of the body function 100% all of the time.

It’s healthy sometimes to have symptoms and pain.  If you eat poisoned food you will have symptoms and violent pain in your abdomen in order to eliminate the poison you ate.  That’s how the body keep itself alive…  otherwise you could die from food poisoning.

Dr. Berkowitz said that the opposite of sick is:  “NOT SICK”.

Think about it for a moment.  If you’re not sick (no symptoms, no pain, no diseases, no conditions, no ailments, etc…) you may have a heart attack in an hour and die.  It happens every day.  People who visited their doctor for a check-up yesterday were told they were not sick and died of a heart attack the next day.  Obviously people with a healthy cardiovascular system don’t drop dead of a heart attack.  So…

Dr. Berkowitz is right!  The opposite of sick is “not sick”.  It has nothing to do with health whatsoever.

Amazing isn’t it?


2 thoughts on “What’s the opposite of sick?

  1. I suppose it is based on how we define “sickness”? I would suggest that sickness is not synonymous with “symptoms, pain, diseases, conditions, ailments, etc…” although they may be present in a state of sickness (and of course this is what the public assumes is sickness) and some symptoms present in a state of health.

    I would agree the opposite of symptoms is “not symptomatic”, the opposite of disease is “disease free” etc. and none of those states are equal with health.

    However, if we define sickness as a state of dysfunction (which can be symptomatic or asymptomatic), then the opposite would be function and hence health.

    • Thank you for your comment Jamie. You are correct only if we were to define sickness as you do. However the definition of sickness in all dictionaries is: “A specific disease or illness which is comprised of symptoms”. So, the opposite of sick is “not sick”. Health is a state of wholeness where ALL the parts of the body function properly ALL the time. The opposite of health is “a lack of health”. If a person is lacking health it is due to a lack of proper function in the body. Put function back and health is restored.
      I hope this clarifies my post of yesterday.

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