What is homeostasis (2)

Any dangerous microbe trying to settle on the skin must contend with a well-entrenched colony of bacteria, with nearly 20 million microorganisms per square inch, some of which make life unpleasant for newcomers.  Certain friendly bacteria produce fatty acids that hinder the bacteria escherichia coli, which live in the intestinal tract and work as part of our nutritional system, simply use up the nutrients that other, less favorable types of bacteria require to live and produce, therefore starving out their competition.

Experience with antibiotics has demonstrated the dangers of disturbing the microbial life that normally inhabits the body.  Long-term use of these substances can wipe out friendly and neutral germs as well as hostile ones… with disastrous results (like aids, autism, adhd etc…).  Once rid of their competitors, dangerous microbes quickly establish themselves sometimes forcing the innate intelligence of the body to produce specific chemicals in order to re-establish a certain balance called homeostasis.

Amazing isn’t it?


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