In people with the condition known as AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome), the normal ratio of helper to suppressor T-cells is disturbed.  The AIDS virus attacks helper T-cells, preventing them from carrying out one of their regular duties to activate the immune system when a threat arises.

This breakdown in normal communication between immune cells leaves the body virtually undefended, and those who are infected from AIDS, become victims of a rare skin cancer called:  Karposi’s sarcoma, life-threatening pneumonia, and other various serious infections.

As  a recent research shows, scientists around the world never knew that the “switch” existed in the T-cell until last week  in Australia when they saw it with their super microscope for the first time ever since the beginning of humankind.   Are you still wondering at the ineffectiveness of AIDS treatments?

Yet, the innate intelligence of the body turns that “switch” on and off whenever it is needed by the body… and that, since the creation of our planet.

Amazing isn’t it?


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