No single organ or set of organs orchestrate the defensive operations of the T-cells.  However, the central nerve system (this is the system that the adjustments allow to work without interference) is used by the innate intelligence of the body to provide the mental impulses necessary for proper communications amongst the cells of the immune system which “talk” to each other in a language of chemical signals, a language with a large vocabulary and a complex grammar.

Each cell sends and receives several messages which are under the supervision of the innate intelligence of the body.  The famous “switch”, (that was seen by the eminent scientists of the world using the super microscope 2 weeks ago in Australia),must be turned “on” for the well timed and precisely directed messages stimulate or inhibits other cells or regulate their activities.

As the innate intelligence of the body mold its defense against a particular invader, the pattern of signal shift slightly to suit moment-to-moment needs.

The result is a delicately balanced, sensitive system of defense powerful enough to destroy or neutralize the effects of nearly any foreign invader.

Amazing isn’t it?


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