Gate keepers? Git outta here!

Continuing our study of the immune system, we now realize that unlike phagocytes, lymphocytes have the ability to recognize the precise identity of virtually any antigen, or foreign substance, millions of different molecules.

The innate intelligence of the body can tell with the use of lymphocytes an infected liver cell from its healthy counterpart or a cancerous body cell from a normal or by recognizing small differences in the cell’s chemical markers.

Differences between on influenza virus and a smallpox virus or a staphylococcus bacterium and an escherichia coli can be noticed by specific recognition sites called receptors that each lymphocyte carries on its surface.

Although the above mentioned terms are complex, let us remember that the innate intelligence is incredibly capable of keeping our bodies functioning properly as long as it has a good nerve supply, proper nutrition, regular exercise and a positive mental attitude.

Amazing isn’t it?


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