What are genetic markers?

The cells and chemicals of the immune system work together to protect the body from outside threats.  The innate intelligence of the body controls ALL systems of the body.  How does the immune system handle threats that arise from within?

Every day an adult produces some 300 billions new cells.  They usually divide as they should, but sometimes, vertebral subluxations can sabotage communications between the brain and tissues to an extent that can rearrange the genes that regulate normal cell growth and differentiation.  When this occurs, that single cell may begin to divide uncontrollably, multiplying and joining to form a colony of mutant cells, a malignant tumor.

When a body cell becomes  cancerous, its membrane may change slightly, so that it bears markers somewhat different from the body’s own.  Ordinarily, agents of the immune system will recognize and react to the new markers, eliminating the mutant cell.

Amazing isn’t it?


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