What’s up with your skin? (3)

Coming back from seeing my mother in Canada, I saw first hand how my skin reacted going from warm to cold and from cold to warm….  Even with this past “out of line” noreaster, all the functions of the skin are directly controlled by the innate intelligence of the body which uses the brain and the nerve system to coordinate them.

Since the skin has such an important role, it is imperative that the nerve system be free for vertebral subluxations at all times, because they interfere with the flow of mental impulses, thus allowing the skin and other parts of the body to mal-function.  Then the skin develops symptoms (like rashes, redness and dryness) and diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, dandruff, acne and skin cancer.

By correcting vertebral subluxations, the objective straight chiropractor allows a full expression of the innate potential of the body.  This, insures a good nerve supply to the skin and all other parts of the body.

By the way, the more south I was flying back yesterday, the most snow was being noticed.  I smiled and said to myself:  “Want nice weather?  Go to Canada!  It did NOT snow there…”   🙂

Amazing isn’t it?


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