I was talking to my uncle Albert who’s is 93 years old and he was explaining to me that he has lost some feelings in his legs and finds that his feet are always cold.  As I was listening to him, it reminded me that everywhere in the skin (and in some other tissues) is one kind of receptor fibers known as free nerve endings.  These have no specialized structure enclosing them.  They react to touch and pressure more slowly that other receptors.

Another type, Meissner’s corpuscles, are nerve endings where the fibers are compartmentalized in capsules.  These exist abundantly in the ridge of the fingertips (9000 to the square inch).  That’s one of the reason for why chiropractors can detect minute changes in the para-vertebral muscles of the spine.  We also find Meissner’s in the lips, the tongue tip, the palm, the sole of the foot, and the genital organs. They respond and adapt quickly, within milliseconds, to even a light brush.

Amazing isn’t it?


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