Domino effect of hormones (3)

Two different mechanisms relay the information brought by the hormone to the target cell.  Some hormones enter the cell and bind to a receptor-protein in the cytoplasm, the gelatin-like substance encasing the nucleus.  Together, the hormone and receptor move to the nucleus, bind to the chromosome, and cause the cell to synthesize certain proteins.

Other hormones do not enter the cell at all.  They bind to receptor-proteins on the cell’s surface and trigger the release of a second messenger in the cytoplasm.  It is this compound that the initiates the cell’s response to the hormones.



2 thoughts on “Domino effect of hormones (3)

  1. It is even more complicated than that. The hormones that are responsible for controlling how much we eat are produced in the stomach/intestines. But they also enter the brain, where they bind to receptors. My head hurts – so maybe I need to go eat something?!

    • Rod,

      You are absolutely correct. The whole body is an integrated system under the direction of its innate intelligence. What we are discovering and putting into words is happening right now, has been happening since creation and will be happening long before you finish your meal.

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