What? Efferent?

I realized that last week’s blog was NOT received.  I apologize.  Here it is:

Efferent means “from brain cell to tissue cell”, therefore we expect that efferent transmission is the passing on of chemoelectrical impulses from the brain cell to the tissue cells of the body.

As the center of the innate intelligence, the innate brain creates a mental image, transforms it to energy, and distributes it via the nervous system to specific tissue cells.  The innate intelligence invests these impulses with intelligent directions.

This gives us expression, function and coordinated movement as a result of efferent transmission.



One thought on “What? Efferent?

  1. Dr. Lessard, thank you very much for seeing our Declan on such short notice last week, and for meeting with us after hours because of our having to travel from upstate NY. Lactation told me that they see a huge difference in how he is eating, and that his head is now maintaining a neutral position while nursing – as opposed to favoring his right side which caused me great pain! I still can’t get over how much Declan LOVED his adjustments! He misses you! We are looking forward to seeing you again in a few weeks! 🙂 Andrea O.

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