Secrets of the human cell? (2)

Scientists discovered three centuries ago that living things contain cells and it’s only within the last five decades that they have begun to piece together the puzzle of how cells operate.  They know a few fundamental things:

Every single adult cell (except ova and sperm) contains the same set of genes as the original parent cell.  Still, cells come in all shapes, sizes and functions: slim nerve cell, more that 3 feet long and about 1/40,000th of an inch wide, transmit impulses between the body-cells and the brain-cells, while red blood cells sculpted like poker chips and 3/10,000th of an inch in diameter, carry life giving oxygen around the body.

However, researchers remain baffled by the innate intelligence of the body that is using chemical mechanisms to enable particular genes in different cells to switch themselves on and off… and perform differently in varying circumstances.



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