Are microbes and germs good for you? (5)

How do you understand using chemicals to kill germs?

2 thoughts on “Are microbes and germs good for you? (5)

  1. Chemicals are sometimes needed to kill the bad bacteria. Unfortunately, they also kill the good bacteria. The ones that help digest our food. The ones that help make vitamins. The ones that help prevent inflammation. There are even suggestions that we may be able to treat illnesses that result from too many bad bacteria by taking more of the good bacteria, rather than some chemical with its nasty side effects.

    Of course, right now it is very difficult to know how to treat germs with other germs – we don’t understand the thousands (or maybe millions) of different types bacteria that we really do need in our bodies. All we can do is to eat a balanced diet (lots of fruit and vegetables, not so much red meat), get a good night’s sleep (every night!), and get a regular tune-up adjustment from a good chiropractor (like the host of this site).

    • Rod, thank you for your comment. The amazing fact is that the innate intelligence of the body deals with ALL of the chemicals and bacteria that the body needs in order to thrive. That’s WHY regular chiropractic care is paramount to a balanced chemistry.

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