Why so many muscles? (2)

Thanks to Mr. Rod Sayce, our in-house scientist, I stand corrected about the voluntary muscles…  they are not “stripped”… they are STRIPED!  Well, so much for my ESL studies!

Some muscles have red and white fibers.  The red fibers work more slowly that the white one, and can work for longer periods of time.  These white fibers provide you a burst of speed.  A hummingbird‘s wing muscles move more that 100x/sec!!!  That’s fast!!!

Even when you are not moving, lots of muscles are working.  For example:  the muscles of your neck hold your head erect  When you doze off, your neck muscles relax.  Your eyelid keeps “winking” whether you move or not.  The peristaltic movement of you digestive track keep working without any movement of yours.



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