What exactly is a human cell?

Like every other living thing, you began your life as one cell.  This single cell came about from the egg of you mother and the sperm of your father and it grew, divided and multiplied itself into the quadrillions of cells that make up your body.

Your cells are of many shapes and sizes.  4,000 cells of the same size laid side by side would make a row only one inch long!  When you were a baby you grew very fast because your cells were multiplying rapidly.  Gradually your rate of growth slowed down.  Between 9 and 11 years of age you began to spurt up again for three to four years.  After 20 you grow heavier but no taller.

Girls usually grow faster than boys until they are around 15, then they slow down while boys keep on growing.  Boys and girls for many generations have been growing in size.  Most of you today are taller that knights of old.



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