Break in the blog

Last week I did not post anything.  I couldn’t.  Our home lost power due to falling trees and debris on power lines.  It got mighty cold, and believe you me, my French Canadian roots were freezing.  Got the generator going and with some great fortune and we got through it with limited power even though the performance of the household was diminished.

In the same way, your brain operates by electricity.  Each nerve cell in your body generates an amazing voltage for its size.  This can be measured by EEG.   The innate intelligence of your body uses each nerve cells to fire up to 50 mental impulses per second… and it can produce up to 2000 per second.

When there are debris, which we call subluxations, on the power lines of your nerves, your whole body is losing power and works on generators.  It’s not as efficient, just like a house on generators.  The same way that the electric company workers removed the tree-debris off your out-of-the-body power lines to restore power to your house again, straight chiropractors remove subluxation-debris off your in-the-body nerve power lines to restore power to your body again.



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