WHAT are the secrets of the human cell? (6)

The human cell and its organelles or interior parts still guard many secrets.  Scientists want to know most of all what mechanism causes the process know as “cell regulation“, why certain cells in the pancreas produce insulin, other supple muscles with their power and still others serve the thousands of remaining bodily needs.

How do the outer skins or membranes of the cell cooperate with the genes to repel invaders while allowing necessary chemicals and food supplies to move in and out?

What control how genes transmit their interactions for creating, vital chemicals in the cells’ “factories” or ribosomes?

Each answer seems to pose a new, more complex question about the cell.  It seems to be an infinite field…  We are just the the beginning, and yet, we will always be at the beginning.  If anything is certain in the minute and mysterious world of cells, it is that the human cell will never surrender all of its secrets to the human mind.

Only the innate intelligence of the body knows everything there is to know about the human cell, and that is enough for us to continue on the course of life… hopefully without subluxations!





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