Are you thinking of going South? (4)

The same wisdom at work in salmon, birds, turtles and butterflies is at work within us. For example:  In the male of our species, with each ejaculation  are hundreds of thousands of sperm racing to meet one tiny female egg.   A journey unexplained by modern science, the secret remaining locked with the life process of these living creatures, the sperm.  How do the sperm know “where to go” in this somewhat dark vaginal and uterine environment?  Do they merge left or right?  With amazing accuracy and infallible organization they travel toward the egg floating with the fertile womb.

As science knows, in each woman the receptive egg rests one month in her left fallopian tube and the next month in her right one.

Again we see that the innate intelligence of the body needs no help in the procreating process, just no interference.

The objective of chiropractic is to correct interferences to the nerve system called vertebral subluxations.  This allows the body to express the wisdom of this innate intelligence… thereby knowing exactly what to do and what not to do at any given moment.





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