Are microbes and germs good for you? (2)

Like the atmosphere, the present surface of the earth is also a part of the creation of life.  Everywhere, under natural conditions, the topsoil is alive with insects, grubs, earthworms, etc, transforming it chemically and physically.  This is true whether the soil supports forest, prairies, tundra, grasslands, farmlands, gardens or parks.  

Organic gardeners have legitimate scientific reasons to claim that earthworms contribute as much as fertilizers to the fertility of the soil.  In fact, the microbial forms of life which are invisible to the naked eye are at least as important as earthworms and insects.  Every speck of humus contains billions of living germs, belonging to countless different varieties, each specialized in the decomposition and transformation of one or another type of organic debris derived from animals, plants, or other types of microbes.  The expert can often detect the activities of germs in the soil simply by handling and smelling it when warm and humid weather increases the intensity of microbial life.

Surprising as it may seem, germs account fort a large percentage of the total mass of living matter on the earth.



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