Did you know?

All authorities unanimously agree that in order to have NORMAL body functions, we must have adequate, unrestricted, uninterrupted mental impulses transmitted from the brain, through the nerves, to the tissue cells of the body?

Proper nerve supply is essential for expressing one’s full innate potential through our human experience.  The fact that the nerve system is master communication system of the body is a settled issue of true science.  It has been demonstrated at the University of Rochester, New York by Dr. Finkelstein and his group of scientists that the nerve system and the immune system are one and the same.  This gives the nerve system a much more flexible approach, to be used by the innate intelligence of the body, to completely control and  coordinate the activities of the cells of the human body.

When scientists discovered this in 1993, they were totally amazed at what they realized. The entire scientific community was struck to the core and had to admit that chiropractic was absolutely right, over 100 years ago and that chiropractic was definitely ahead of its time.



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