Can the world within you go wrong?

Imprisoned in the narrowness of our human scale, we are blind to vast reaches of reality.  Mysteries lie all around us, even within us waiting to be revealed by a NEW way of seeing.  Just as a journey to the moon my show the daintiness of our planet, a venture into the minuscule can be a true voyage of discovery.

An exploration of the human species should properly begin with and exploration of the nerve system, for that great mass of cells and fibers contains way stations and pathways which determine what is uniquely human in our nature

The nerve system can be regarded as a complex computer.  Its essential components are the nerve cells, or neurons.  An enormous amount of neurons participate in this process we call life.  The central nerve system is composed of four major interconnected elements:  the cerebrum, the cerebellum, the brain stem and the spinal cord.



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