What is healing? (2)

Many people will believe that a medication or surgery or an adjustment cured them.  Medication can do one of two things:  stimulate a part of part of the body to work faster or depress a part of the body to work slower, that’s all!  These are stimulants or depressants called by various names.  Not one drug can heal a person.

Surgery does not heal anyone either.  It merely cuts out a diseased part and imposes the lack of that part on the entire body permanently.  Now the body has to try to function with missing something it needed to be performing properly.  The body is now in a state of permanent diminished performance which is a lack of health… permanently.

An adjustment does not cure either.  An adjustment simply allows the correction of vertebral subluxation which was interfering with the normal quantity and quality flow of mental impulses.  Will that help the body to heal?  You bet!!!



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