Initial Care
Care designed to introduce your body to the adjustment of your spine. Chiropractic can generally help you during the initial phase of care by establishing a pattern suitable to your particular body. Since the nerve system controls every part of your body, studies show that most people under care begin to understand and appreciate the inner workings of their body in a NEW way.

Re-orientation Care
Care which provides the facilities, skills and time necessary for receiving getting your spine checked for subluxation on a regular basis with flexibility. of health after years of body neglect and abuse. After the initial care period is completed, you will be oriented with NEW information to help you choose to begin Re-orientation Care.  During that phase of care, most people experience a return of vitality and peak performance as the spine and nerve system continue through the correction process. More than just feeling good, many begin to regain their health and sustain optimum physical, mental and social well-being.

Wellness Care
Care designed to utilize the full capacity of the human body throughout life. Long term Wellness Care provide a sensible and cost-effective approach to real health. During Wellness Care, scientists have found the immune system works better and children who undergo care from birth are healthier.

What to expect from the Lessard Chiropractic Center:

We never perform any services until we’ve explained them and obtained your consent. After making a convenient appointment, we will ask for a comprehensive history of when you slipped into ill-health. During private consultation with the doctor, you’ll probably be surprised to find that your body has the amazing inherent ability to heal.

EXAMINATION (locating the cause)
The exam will include a complete physical range of motion, specialized digital muscle analysis, a computerized examination of every vertebra of your spine.  We’re only interested in identifying the location and type of subluxations that are present.

REPORT OF FINDINGS (Your most important choice of your care)
After correlating our findings we’ll sit down and review everything with you; what’s wrong and why, what needs to be done, how long it will take and the cost. Then, with goals clearly defined and with your consent, we will begin Initial Care, Re-orientation Care, or Integration Care. Isn’t what a real doctor/practice member relationship should be?

CARE (Beginning the initial process)
We’ll begin care by gently correcting the spinal malfunction which is adversely affecting your nerve system and health. The initial process is comfortable and not time-consuming. Even children love the initial process.

EDUCATION (The Human Performance Seminar series)
We have an educational and entertaining program to assist you in making elegant choices regarding your health that will save you time, money and years of needless difficulties. We’ll work these presentations into your appointment schedule.


At your follow-up conversations, we’ll determine exactly how you’ve responded to care, then it is you WHO will choose when to begin the exciting realm of Re-orientation and Integration Care. We’ll make recommendations based on our conversations and it is you WHO will make the final choice.