Chiropractic represents a unique approach to living life to the fullest. Rather then helplessly reacting to outside in environmental circumstances or avoiding the realities of life, we promote the full expression of life by correcting the single most destructive interference to instructive information, namely vertebral subluxation.

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Dr. Claude Lessard

“It is important for everyone to be under chiropractic care because small displacements of the bones of the spine  can cause interference in the nervous system and keep your body from working at maximum performance.  Everyone knows that the brain and nerve system, is the system used to control ALL of the functions of the body. It does this by sending instructive information in the form of mental impulses from the brain down the spinal cord and out along all the nerves to every cell in your body.  These small displacements are called subluxations and they interfere with this communication process.  Subluxations keep your body chemistry from working the way it should.”

– Dr. Claude Lessard