Do you know your cells? (2)

Your cells are of many shapes and sizes.  4,000 cells of the same size laid side by side would make a row only one inch long!

When you were a baby you grew very fast as your cells were multiplying rapidly.  Gradually your rate of growth slowed down.

Between 10 and 12 years of age you began to spurt up again for three to five years.  After 20 you grow HEAVIER and no taller.



Really, how much are you worth?

Some time back, an article was published which calculated the value of ALL the chemicals in the human body.  At the going price, the final figure was somewhere around $0.98!!!  What they were saying is that the human body is really a combination of water (hydrogen and oxygen), carbon and such minerals as iron, potassium, sodium and numerous other elements.

If the body were broken down into its simplest components, the market value would be less than a dollar.  In one sense that tends to be quite humbling.  However, as you think more about it, there are some pretty fantastic thought to be gained.

It goes without saying that we place more value than a dollar on human life.  Tell the parents that they are looking into the face of a newborn that their little baby, because of its size is not even worth $0.98.  The being part of a human being makes the value so high that it cannot be measured in dollars and cents.

Amazing isn’t it?

What is body chronology?

Human growth proceeds in four phases.  The first, before birth, results mainly from cell division.  All nerve cells, for example, are present by the sixth month of pregnancy; the nerve system continues to grow as these cells enlarge.

During the second phase, from birth to maturity, the enlargement of existing cells tends to dominate.  A baby‘s heart contains the same number of cells as the larger organ.  It grows only by enlargement.

During the third phase, maturity, emphasis switches to the maintenance of existing functions and the repair of damage from injury or wear and tear.

When old age, the final phase, sets in, slowed growth can no longer replace lost cells, and the efficiency of our organs and tissues decline.

All of the above mentioned phases are under direct control the the innate intelligence of the body.  It is quite fascinating to witness the chronology of these phases within each and every one of us.  It suffices to say that the innate intelligence of the body works miracles constantly.  All we have to do is to be grateful by taking good care of our bodies.

Amazing isn’t it?

Innate intelligence can!

Within every woman, be she white, black, yellow or red; uneducated or college graduate, savage or civilized, Asian, African, Aborigenese or American, Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, or Atheist, there is an innate intelligence that can and does make four hundred trillion tissue cells in two hundred and eighty days.

Not only does the innate intelligence of the body make these cells, it organizes them into respective kinds to do certain types of work, properly distributes each into its respective locality and builds them into various organs to do various functions.

The innate intelligence of the body organizes each individual cell with ever other single cell into one harmonious body, causes all cells to coordinate one tissue with another and one organ with another into systems, chemically, mechanically, electrically, magnetically and functionally.

Then, at the proper time and place, it cause them to begin working, each with each other’s parts.  In due time the innate intelligence of the body build the structure so it reproduce its own kind.

Now….  if you could, how would YOU build a baby?

Amazing isn’t it?

Sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Chiropractic works because it allows that permanent law of life within to be released and to manifest itself without interference.

As an objective non-therapeutic chiropractor, one of the best way I can explain chiropractic is to turn to the outside world and examine what we see at work in nature.  After all, isn’t everything outward also inward?

From the movement and balance of our internal body water (intercellular and intracellular fluids), from the hatching of a baby chick to the natural process of birth in humans, from the awakening of plants and animals at sunrise to the awakening of a child in the morning…

Similarities abound…

Amazing isn’t it?

Manifestation of Innate Intelligence

Can you conceive of a complicated computer chip happening by sheer luck? Or a musical symphony composed by pure chance? Evidently their fantastic organizations prove it takes intelligent individuals to create these complex systems.

Now do you think it possible that the creation of a human baby with all its intricate internal systems happens by luck? Seriously the six billions people populating our planet with similarly organized bodies are not haphazard occurrences.

Since your body is well organized, it must, logically speaking, be the result of an intelligence smart enough to assemble and organize it in the first place.

The organization of your body is under the perfect control of a great wisdom we call innate intelligence. Innate means “inborn, within you.”