Can the world within you go wrong?

Imprisoned in the narrowness of our human scale, we are blind to vast reaches of reality.  Mysteries lie all around us, even within us waiting to be revealed by a NEW way of seeing.  Just as a journey to the moon my show the daintiness of our planet, a venture into the minuscule can be a true voyage of discovery.

An exploration of the human species should properly begin with and exploration of the nerve system, for that great mass of cells and fibers contains way stations and pathways which determine what is uniquely human in our nature

The nerve system can be regarded as a complex computer.  Its essential components are the nerve cells, or neurons.  An enormous amount of neurons participate in this process we call life.  The central nerve system is composed of four major interconnected elements:  the cerebrum, the cerebellum, the brain stem and the spinal cord.



Electricity and chemicals in your brain? (7)

A part of your physical brain called the medulla oblongata (brain stem) serves as a “center” to relay messages, while some other parts, that are used by the innate intelligence of the body, control vital processes such as breathing.  Some do your thinking.  Others hold you memories in storage until you call for them, very much like computer disks.



Do you know your body chemistry (3)?

The composition of the cellular bath is so important that most of the major organs of the body mainly concern themselves with insuring the proper proportion of its ingredients, among them the breathing lungs, the pumping heart and filtering kidneys and great areas of the lower brain.


The need for all of this precise regulation is illustrated by the alarming disturbances which can result (particularly in the immune system) if only one of these ingredients moves out of bounds.  The innate intelligence of the body uses the brain stem and nerve system to regulate body chemistry.  When vertebral subluxations interfere with proper transmission of mental impulses within the nerve system of the body, relation of body chemistry becomes out of balance.


One more reason to have your spine checked on a regular basis!





Furnace in YOUR body? (2)

Your innate intelligence is the “Wisdom of the Body” which controls ALL of the functions of your body, using the central nerve system as the tool of communication.

As a matter of fact, on constant duty in your brain stem are chemical sensors called carotid bodies that continually “taste” the blood flowing from the heart to tissues, savoring it for the acidic flavor of carbon dioxide and sending the information to your brain to be interpreted.  Rising level of carbon dioxide signal your brain to increase the rate at which your lungs expel it.

Other monitors, situated mainly in your aorta and your carotid artery, the major vessel leading to your brain, regulate blood pressure. These stretched receptors activate when a surge of blood, signaling a faster heartbeat, stretches the arteries.  The sensors immediately alert your brain, which order the heart rate to slow down. (That’s what blood pressure medications attempts to do… while all along your innate intelligence does it perfectly for you without medications as long as it can communicate the information to your body without interference.  And the only objective of chiropractic care is to clear your nerve system of interference).

Amazing isn’t it?