What is a vertebral subluxation? (3)

It has now been proven that one to three hours of a great deal of pressure on a spinal nerve root, from a displaced vertebra, causes many of the nerve fibers in the nerve root to rupture, producing toxins or poisons which spread to the surrounding tissues.

This is the same degree of pressure objective chiropractors find in the average person’s spine.  The poisons in turn, are absorbed into the nerves, bones, ligaments, spinal discs, muscles and other supportive tissues of the spine, progressively and relentlessly destroying them though out a lifetime.  Although a vertebral subluxation cannot be felt immediately, its effects are relentless and progressive.  It interferes directly with the proper function of all the parts of your body by altering the information, in the form of mental impulse, that they receive from your brain.

What does this mean you?  It means that the vertebral subluxation must be corrected as soon as possible after it occurs!

By attempting to make correction of vertebral subluxations available to everyone regardless of creed, health status, age, sex, education, political affiliation financial ability to pay, the objective chiropractor hopes not only to encourage your individual self improvement but also to facilitate the intelligent use of our environment.




What is a vertebral subluxation?

A vertebral subluxation is a condition in which nerve control is lost between the brain control center and the organs due to a small displacement of the spinal bones, always altering the functions of the body.  In other words, a vertebral subluxation is an interference to the function of you body, forcing your body to have less instructive information from the innate intelligence of your body.  When this occurs, you will have less than optimal physical, mental and social well being.

A vertebral subluxation is the most serious interference to the functions of your body that we know of.




What is health anyway? (5)

In order for your body to function properly, the innate intelligence of the body uses a communication system:  the brain and the nerves.  By way of the nerves, messages come into the brain, giving feedback about body conditions, and instructions go out from the brain, to keep things working smoothly.  This is how the innate intelligence of the body controls and coordinates your functions and keeps you healthy.

The objective chiropractor makes sure you are free from any interference to your communication system (brain and nerves) so that the innate intelligence of the body can maintain your body health by allowing all the cells of your body to function normally.




Did you know? (2)

When scientists discovered in 1993 that the nerve system and immune system were basically one and the same, it naturally follows that in good health and ill health, the nerve system becomes the regulating force.  In good health, the flow of mental impulse is normal; we can see, taste, smell, feel and function.  By it we move, breathe, have our being, plan and understand.  We mend fractures, repair wounds, grow, adapt, assimilate and excrete.

In ill health however, the flow of mental impulse is altered and we cannot perform well any longer.  We dramatically understand as well, that the absence of mental impulse flow (also called brain-waves) indicates… death.  In other words, through the mental impulse flow from brain to tissue cell and back to the brain, we LIVE!!!



Body Temperature

It’s 101*F outside today!  Yet your body temperature will maintain about 98.6*F.  Why?

The innate intelligence of your body monitors its temperature through a thermostat that measures the heat of blood flowing through your brain.  If air temperature changes even a fraction of a degree and your blood temperature changes, your autonomic nerve system respond instantly to the command of the innate intelligence of your body.

It is important to have a full flow of mental impulses.

That’s the objective of chiropractic care for your body.



Is it cell division or multiplication? (2)

The time it takes for a cell to move through the complete cycle from its birth to its death,varies enormously.  It may take as little as few hours, or it may be as long as the body lives.

Some skin cells live about 8 hours, cells that line the intestine about 1  1/2 days, heart cells about 90 days, red blood cells about 120 days,while undamaged brain cells last a lifetime.



2 lungs to breathe? (2)

With every breath you inhale, you breathe 10 to the power 22 physical atoms which will become part of your brain, kidneys, spleen, gallbladder, etc…  That’s an astronomical  number of atoms.  

Each time you exhale, you breathe out 10 to the power 22 physical atoms also, ridding yourself of parts of your brain, spleen, heart, liver, etc…  so, we literally breathe each others’ body parts. 

We are more intimately interconnected that we believe, physiologically and physically at least!



Now what? Afferent?

Afferent means “from tissue cell to brain cell” and therefore afferent transmission is the sending of mental impulses from the tissue cell at the end nerve of the body to the brain for feedback.

Thus, every tissue cell maintains a communication with the brain by the process of afferent transmission.  The receiving and collecting of information by the brain enables the brain cells to perform such functions as sensationinterpretation  and impression.  ,

Afferent transmission is the means by which the brain interprets sight, smell, touch, pain, etc…



Do YOU know your immune system? (2)

Naturally, for this army to work efficiently, it must be under the command of a great “General”:  Your brain.  Your Brain-General sends important orders received from the Chief Commander:   Your innate intelligence, via  telegraphic system of communication called the nerve system, which is protected within your vertebral column.

Sometimes vertebral subluxations interfere with the transmission of the orders sent by your Brain-General creating troubles because your body expresses less of its innate potential.

When this occurs, your “army” does not receive the correct orders, it does not perform properly, your resistance decreases and you are prey to invaders (like bacteria, viruses and germs).  Sometimes as a result of this scenario your body becomes sick.

What must you do to regain you health and maintain it?  Common sense says that you must repair the interference within the transmission of the orders from your Brain-General.

The objective of the straight chiropractor is to correct vertebral subluxations allowing you to express your innate potential fully and providing the battalions and the troops of your “army” (immune system) to once again receive the orders of you Brain-General.  Then and only then will your body hav a chance to perform properly.  And, of course, you will also be fully protected by keeping your resistance high… This is called: prevention.

Amazing isn’t it?

Do YOU know your heart? (3)

Your heart is a very active and very important organ of your body.  It is under the direct control of the innate intelligence of the body which uses the brain and nerve system to relay messages to and from the heart.

For your heart to function at maximum efficiency, it needs a good nerve supply of energy, for without energy from the brain, your heart would just stop beating and you would die.

However, sometimes only a small amount of energy is blocked within the nerves and it eventually causes malfunction of the heart leading very often to heart attacks, heart failure, cardiac arrest, hardening of the arteries and high blood pressure.

The Objective Straight Chiropractor, by correcting the blockages to your nerve system, insures that the right amount of energy will get to your heart and all the parts of your body resulting in a better expression of your innate potential.

That is always positive for all the functions of your body, especially your heart!

Amazing isn’t it?