WHAT are the secrets of the human cell?

Every human being begin life as a single cell, a fertilized egg, and by the time she reached adulthood, her body consists of some 40,000 trillion cells

The cell is the fundamental component of all living things.  As cells deteriorate, people age, and as cells malfunction their human performance decreases.

If cellular organization was better understood, people might live longer and perform better throughout their lifetime as they would be under regular chiropractic care.



Division or multiplication? (2)

The time it takes a cell to move through the complete cycle, from growth to division, varies enormously. It may take as little as a few hours, or it may last as long as the body lives.

Some skin cells live about 8 hours, cells that line the intestine about 1  1/2 days, heart cells about 90 days, red blood cells about 120 days, while undamaged muscle and nerve cells last a lifetime.



What exactly is a human cell?

Like every other living thing, you began your life as one cell.  This single cell came about from the egg of you mother and the sperm of your father and it grew, divided and multiplied itself into the quadrillions of cells that make up your body.

Your cells are of many shapes and sizes.  4,000 cells of the same size laid side by side would make a row only one inch long!  When you were a baby you grew very fast because your cells were multiplying rapidly.  Gradually your rate of growth slowed down.  Between 9 and 11 years of age you began to spurt up again for three to four years.  After 20 you grow heavier but no taller.

Girls usually grow faster than boys until they are around 15, then they slow down while boys keep on growing.  Boys and girls for many generations have been growing in size.  Most of you today are taller that knights of old.



What are the secrets of the human cell? (6)

Each answer seems to pose a NEW, more complex question about the cell.  It seems to be an infinite field…  We are just at the beginning, and yet, we will always be at the beginning.

If anything is certain in the minute and mysterious world of cell, it is that the human cell will never surrender all of its secrets to the human mind.

Only the innate intelligence of the body knows everything there is to know about the human cell, and that is enough for us to continue on the course of life.



How do we get bigger and bigger? (3)

Since all materials needed for the cell to carry out its activity must cross the surface membrane, the surface area of the cell will ultimately limit how much it can absorb.  Some cells overcome this size restriction either by altering their shape to an elongated form, like a nerve cell, or to a flattened shape, like a skin cell or by using hair-like projections to increase absorption the way an intestinal cell does.

These adaptations enable a cell to increase its surface area without increasing its volume.

Amazing isn’t it?


Tell me more about this innate intelligence again.

Everyone has an innate intelligence and no one can willingly control it.

Suppose you had a pretzel for a snack.  Just how much water would you have to drink to neutralize the salt?  How much faster must your heart beat, should you run to catch a bus, chop some firewood or do any kind of exercise?  How much sugar must be burned within your body in order to maintain it at 98.6 degrees of human temperature?

Well, now, these questions need not bother you a bit.  There is not a chemist or a scientist in the world who can tell you.

But that liver of yours can handle the sugar problem if you never saw the inside of a textbook of chemistry.

Your heart, the number of heartbeats and the stomach will call for its water and tell you when it gets enough.

Your innate intelligence uses your nerve system to communicate and control every function of every system, organ, gland and cell know and unknown within your body.

Amazing isn’t it?