Citizens of the body? (2)

Usually, we live in harmony with our microscopic residents.  Most stay on the body’s surface.  Under certain conditions, when we are malnourished, exhausted, injured, or if our internal resistance is not up to par and we have subluxations, resident organisms and other microbes may invade and multiply in our tissues, or set forth in the bloodstream  traveling to all parts of the body.  If unchallenged, they can upset the body’s delicate chemistry.  When this happens, the body functions may be compromised.

To keep one’s resistance high requires a good nerve supply.  A good nerve supply is part of the chiropractic objective.



Do you know your body chemistry? (4)

The Objective Chiropractor corrects vertebral subluxations allowing the body to express its innate potential.  As a result, the body’s nerve system can detect imbalances so quickly that they are actually corrected as they occur.

It does this through an ingenious collection of monitors and sensing devices.  It is the interrelation and integration of these factors (mental impulses, sensitive monitors, receptors, and regulating organs) that produce the most precise subtle balance of your body chemistry so necessary in order for your body to perform properly



What is a subluxation? (2)

The moment a subluxation occurs, it interferes with the FLOW of mental impulses between the brain cell and the tissue cell of the body.  This interference alters the FLOW of mental impulses to the organs.  The organs in turn malfunction creating the wrong amount of chemistry that the body needs.  It could be as simple as the stomach overproducing 2cc of hydrochloric acid every hour.  It’s not much, yet overtime it will create lack of coordination of the parts of the body.  



What’s poison?

I hope everyone survived Irene’s devastation without harm.  The forces of nature are quite powerful.  I asked some people last week how many “horsepowers” it took to shake a chunk of the planet from Virginia to  Rhode Island and all that what on it (when we experience the earthquake)?  And what kind of windmill does it take to pump the amount of seawater we received from this past hurricane?

Here’s another powerful force:

Poison is any substance introduced into or manufactured within the living body which the innate intelligence of the body cannot use in metabolism.

This means that whatever we know about poisons is the knowledge that tells us what substances are poisonous from accumulated experiences of scientists.  This knowledge was gained mostly by the experience of the race and not necessarily from chemistry.  We know it is not poison, actually, until introduced into the animal organism even though we may have the knowledge of its chemical composition which may tell us a substance may act harmfully if taken into the body, and of course, this is useful knowledge.

The point I am making is that, we only know with certainty about the tried substances that have caused harm to the body of people who ingested them.  It is the innate intelligence of the body which gives the “decision”.   We do not know if a newly discovered chemical (even from the knowledge of chemistry we calculate it should be) is a poison until introduced into someone’s body for the purpose of  “asking” the innate intelligence of the body… the verdict.

Amazing isn’t it?


Tell me more about this innate intelligence again.

Everyone has an innate intelligence and no one can willingly control it.

Suppose you had a pretzel for a snack.  Just how much water would you have to drink to neutralize the salt?  How much faster must your heart beat, should you run to catch a bus, chop some firewood or do any kind of exercise?  How much sugar must be burned within your body in order to maintain it at 98.6 degrees of human temperature?

Well, now, these questions need not bother you a bit.  There is not a chemist or a scientist in the world who can tell you.

But that liver of yours can handle the sugar problem if you never saw the inside of a textbook of chemistry.

Your heart, the number of heartbeats and the stomach will call for its water and tell you when it gets enough.

Your innate intelligence uses your nerve system to communicate and control every function of every system, organ, gland and cell know and unknown within your body.

Amazing isn’t it?