Can the world within you go wrong?

Imprisoned in the narrowness of our human scale, we are blind to vast reaches of reality.  Mysteries lie all around us, even within us waiting to be revealed by a NEW way of seeing.  Just as a journey to the moon my show the daintiness of our planet, a venture into the minuscule can be a true voyage of discovery.

An exploration of the human species should properly begin with and exploration of the nerve system, for that great mass of cells and fibers contains way stations and pathways which determine what is uniquely human in our nature

The nerve system can be regarded as a complex computer.  Its essential components are the nerve cells, or neurons.  An enormous amount of neurons participate in this process we call life.  The central nerve system is composed of four major interconnected elements:  the cerebrum, the cerebellum, the brain stem and the spinal cord.



Are the transmissions blocked?

In the last few posts, we have talked about transmissions, WHAT it means, WHAT it does and HOW it affects our bodies.

The brain is the computer used by the innate intelligence of the body to send and receive informations.  By way of efferent nerves the brain gives life to the body.  By way of afferent nerves, the brain maintains communication to those cells to which it has given life, monitoring them, so to speak.

So, ALL is well, right?  May be.  May be not.



How can the body not perform properly?

Since your innate intelligence coordinates ALL of your body functions through your nerve system, it is very important that your nerves be free of  any “junk-mail” or “spam” caused by an interference that is called: VERTEBRAL SUBLUXATION.

Because, like cell phones, if the nerves are experiencing a “dead zone” or if they are scrambled or otherwise disturbed, the particular organ or area which those nerves serve will alter their functions.

It is like a computer in perfect working order but with no power pack, nothing to make it function.  In order for your body to function properly, it must be working right.  Your life-force must flow through your nerves uninterrupted to every system, organ, gland and cell of your body.

Let us remember that whenever one of your nerves is disturbed, some part of your body cannot receive the life-force sent by your INNATE INTELLIGENCE and your body will not perform properly, depending on the extent of the interference.

If the interference is caused by a VERTEBRAL SUBLUXATION and is corrected, normal function is established, giving once again perfect control to your innate intelligence allowing your body to receive complete life-force and perform exactly as it was intended.


Manifestation of Innate Intelligence

Can you conceive of a complicated computer chip happening by sheer luck? Or a musical symphony composed by pure chance? Evidently their fantastic organizations prove it takes intelligent individuals to create these complex systems.

Now do you think it possible that the creation of a human baby with all its intricate internal systems happens by luck? Seriously the six billions people populating our planet with similarly organized bodies are not haphazard occurrences.

Since your body is well organized, it must, logically speaking, be the result of an intelligence smart enough to assemble and organize it in the first place.

The organization of your body is under the perfect control of a great wisdom we call innate intelligence. Innate means “inborn, within you.”