What is health anyway? (3)

Most people believe that symptoms happen at the beginning of a disease.  This is completely and totally untrue.  Symptoms are not a sign of the beginning of an illness, rather, symptoms tell you that something has been wrong for a long time, long enough to build up to a point of causing you pain.  Symptoms do not tell you that you just got sick… symptoms tell you that you have been unhealthy for a long time.  Examples:  Kidney stones result from 7 to 10 years of kidney malfunctions.  Cancer, as much  as 20 to 25 years of latency.  Heart diseases, 10 to 15 years… etc.

So, if you wait for symptoms or pain to show up, the first symptom might be your last, example, a fatal heart attack!



Is science good or bad? (2)

Over the course of time, people have learned to treat many diseases and pestilences that prevailed in the past, and have changed their life by trying to bring under control the factors arising outside their own bodies.  But unfortunately this has failed as we see our system of health care being dismantled little by little.

The main reason for our failure to maintain and improve our health resides mostly in that disease which still plagues people arises from internal rather than external causes.




What is a subluxation?

As stated previously, cycles are the basis for our very existence.  The interference with the cycle can cause disorder, dysfunction, disease and death.  The single interfering factor within your body that can lead to serious consequences all the time is a subluxation.

A subluxation by definition is the movement of a spinal bone (called a vertebra) out of its proper position, so that it puts pressure on a nerve, thus interfering with the normal flow of mental impulses through the spine to and from all the organs and tissue of the body.



Dis-ease… what’s that?

When there is a vertebral subluxation which alters the e-mail coursing through your nerve system and creates junk-mail and spam, dis-ease happens.

Dis-ease is the term used to described the in-coordination and malfunction of the cells of the body due to lack of proper communication from the brain cells and the rest of the cells of the body.

At the stage of dis-ease, the body’s cells malfunction and break down.  They cannot reproduce themselves in a healthy way any longer.

Signs, symptoms and even pain will eventually appear.  The person’s symptoms are then grouped in categories and a disease (which is essentially a group of symptoms) is now labeled.

Question:  “What to do now?

What’s your answer?

Amazing isn’t it?

Now what?

Traditionally and conventionally the sickness curers and disease-treaters walk through the garden of your body, look around, test this plant, that flower, this fruit or vegetable and from this outside-in approach they make-up a diagnosis.

Then, they proceed to treat and prognosticate whatever they think is going wrong.

“See that plant over there, it looks weak, let’s give it an injection to stimulate it.  Those fruits there are getting out of hand, let’s prescribe pill to inhibit them.  See these vegetables, they’re too pale, let’s cover them with oils to make them shiny.  Now, the flowers by the fence are wilting, let’s chop them down.  And this shrub right here is too ugly, let’s replace it with an artificial one.  And, finally, all those little patches of brown grass, let’s kill them by using antibiotic chemicals.”

Please, tell me what kind of care has been applied to the garden of YOUR BODY?